Bradley whitford dating mary louise parker

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Back in the present, Toby (Richard Schiff) ponders parenthood and Sam (Rob Lowe) makes a radical campaign suggestion.

In Josh's apartment, he is on the phone with Donna, while Amy dances around the apartment.He tells Donna she has to go to Bismarck, North Dakota to speak on behalf of the White House.North Dakota would like to add a plank to the party platform eliminating the word "North" from their state's name.Original Airdate 10-02-02 Rerun 01-22-03 The President's (Martin Sheen) team reacts to the ongoing inquiry into its pre-meditated Qumari assassination by lawyering up as they gingerly approach Leo's (John Spencer) lawyer (Joanna Gleason) while a key judicial ruling on presidential third-party candiates throws a monkeywrench into the campaign.Elsewhere, in the fallout, Josh (Bradley Whitford) is upset with his girlfriend Amy's (Mary-Louise Parker) decision to accept a particular job interview; Sam (Rob Lowe), Toby (Richard Schiff) and Josh hatch a radical new idea to pay for college education; and the approval process of executive secretary-to-be Deborah Fiderer (Lily Tomlin) hits a snag when new evidence is uncovered.

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