Dating a computer science

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Members of the Harvard Computer Club just wanted to have a little fun for Valentine’s Day, so they created a system called “Datamatch’ that would help students find companions for the holiday.

But unfortunately for the HCC, they included only two genders in Datamatch’s options—and now they’re in big trouble.

Computer science or software engineering were looking pretty good. He was planning on going to Algonquin College for a computer science diploma program.

It may be true that doing the exact same thing might incite competition between two people, and could be bad for a relationship.

HCC says that, for their part, they will commit to making the program, which already serves more than 4,000 Harvard students, more inclusive next year.

They have already proposed a “modified system” for next year’s Valentine’s event, and according to one HCC member’s Facebook post, they are trying to work with the UC to make it as nuanced as possible, so as to accommodate all students, of all genders. As Kuang points out, in order to create matches, the program has to separate users into specific categories and then compare the data they input into the system.

Girls indicated more frequent digital sexual coercion victimization, and girls and boys reported equal rates of digital monitoring and control, and digital direct aggression.

When confronted with direct aggression, such as threats and rumor spreading, girls responded by blocking communication with their partner.

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