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Soon Perkins (pictured right, AP) was poached by Sonny Boy Williamson II, the harmonica master whose work on the King Biscuit Time on KFFA, Helena, would help it to become the most influential blues shows in the South.

Perkins stayed with Williamson for five years, losing his ability to play the guitar in the process when an angry chorus girl stabbed him in the left arm during an altercation.

Likewise, Colorado blades produce the "thump" that draws fish to your spinnerbait.

Boston, MA – FEBRUARY 26: Chuck Berry performs during the 2012 Awards for Lyrics of Literary Excellence at The John F.

One can't criticize any Muddy Waters compilation too harshly, but the main virtue of this disc, along with its price, is that it utilizes the latest and best quality masterings of those classic Chess sides, and does throw an interesting (if inessential) curve ball or two at the listener.

As rivers, streams, and creeks across the country begin to flood, we're reminded that spring rains bring muddy water, which decreases visibility and makes bass fishing even more challenging.

Upsize your jig trailers, go with a larger worm on your Texas rig, or tie on a full-size topwater plug.

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In 1929, an acquaintance having given him the raw materials for a piano, he built one and learned to play it.

Produce By my Homies Vinyl Frontiers frm Overseas ! After he’s finished playing a clip from the song, Redman shouts, “Muddy Waters fucking 2!

“I stay real, gotta pay bills/I be a pusher man, just call me Curtis Mayfield/I draw like Picasso, post up like Rondo,” he spits over an energetic beat, which his caption seemingly indicates was produced by Vinyl Frontiers.

Enter Relationup, the first app of its kind that puts a professional adviser in your pocket to help guide you through the muddy waters that even the best relationships find themselves wading through from time to time.

Rhonda Milrad developed the idea for Relationup a few years ago as technology was edging its way into her therapy sessions as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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