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Women are reared to find a husband and have babies.

Dating a number of men at one time are grounds to get you thrown in the floozy category thanks to patriarchy.

While just about everyone is shown to have redeeming characteristics, some partners are revealed as unreliable, uncommunicative or unable to reciprocate trust and intimacy.

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Keep in mind, typically, I am asked this on the first date or even when I first get their number.In the absence of actual experience with new partners, it is easy for people to see their new partners as possessing ideal characteristics and sharing similar beliefs and values.This tendency to idealize new partners, combined with the thrilling prospect of sex with a new partner makes new dating relationships very intense and exciting.Just because I am looking for something serious doesn't mean I am automatically looking to get into a relationship with every girl I meet. One would think being single is equivalent to a sentence on death row the way society views single women as the spinster curled up on the couch in a robe and rollers every Friday night.

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